Rainbow Horse Retirement Center -

              About Us:

We are  Professional Horseman who have dedicated  ourselves to providing Quality Care and Treatment to Retired and Special needs Equines.

Rainbow Horse Retirement Center is contacted numerous times yearly by horse and other equine owners regarding retirement for their animals. These owners would like to retain Ownership and maintain Personal contact with these animals.

Many owners of these loved pets and companions, feel that due to certain situations, they are unable to maintain a good quality of life for their horses and ponies. We all know of cases such as a family death, divorce, child going away to school or college, our own physical conditions or work schedules.

Many of these faithful animals have either been sold or given away. The majority of these horses end up being sold to dealers and eventually end up in at auctions and sold for meat to slaughter houses.

Many other horses have been given to individuals that lack the knowledge and the commitment both physical and financial to provide these horses a safe home.

Many of these "giveaway horses" eventually end up in a life of cruelty or neglect finally ending up being sold to dealers or shipped off to auction where most are purchased for slaughter.Rainbow Horse Retirement Center provides a permanent retirement for a very nominal retirement fee, which provides proper nutrition, shelter, worming and hoof trimming.

Your Horse or Pony has been your companion and friend, they now in turn, will need your support.